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 Committees & Exchanges 


Ideas, Expertise, and Experience are at the center of CFE through its Exchanges. The Exchanges serve a vital purpose for CFE, bringing members together around four distinct topical subjects. The Exchanges are the forums for members to share their ideas, expertise, and experiences across these topics that, in turn, generate the content for CFE’s programming. The Exchanges are also an integral component to engage new members, attract new members, and foster CFE’s Subject Matter Expert program.

Equally important are CFE’s Committees. The Committees provide CFE with the resources to grow as an organization and execute its activities

The Exchanges and their descriptions are:



Finance and Investments

Leadership and Professional Development


 Giving Back

Description:Topics related to the discipline of Finance and Investments

Skill development for members, with an emphasis on leadership and soft skills pertaining to women leaders

Discusses times of change for members including professional, family, and other major life events

A forum for members to give back to the community through philanthropic and other volunteer initiatives

The Committees and their descriptions are:




Member Engagement

 Program  Logistics




Oversees all aspects of CFE’s membership process, including recommending new members

Optimizes CFE’s member experience, including member outreach

Working with CFE’’s administrative office, assists with program and activity logistics

Coordinates all communications related activities with external resources

Annually identifies and evaluates CFE’s board members


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