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Upcoming events

    • 02/22/2024
    • 5:30 PM
    • Lyric Opera House, 20 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago


    The Joffrey Ballet is hosting a special Women's Night event. Before you enjoy the performance of Studies in Blue, CFE members are invited to visit the Mezzanine level for wine and hors d'oeuvres, networking, and an introduction to the night's performance.

    5:30 PM | Women's Night Reception | Mezzanine Level
    6:30 PM 
    | Meet the Artists | Theatre Main Floor
    7:30 PM | Performance of Studies in Blue

    Please RSVP here so we know how many CFE members will be in attendance.

    To purchase tickets, visit the Joffrey Website here: Women's Night Tickets

    Women's Night Reception ONLY $40.00
    Women's Night Performance + Reception Ticket $145.00

    • 03/13/2024
    • 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • LM Studio Chicago, 8 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

    Our greatest successes in life come when we know and share the value of who we truly are. That’s our Fearless Authenticity, the unique combination of the knowledge, perspectives, and experiences that only we can bring to our work and everyone we encounter.
    In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women's History Month, we are thrilled to collaborate with FEI Chicago on an insightful program that will explore how activating our own Fearless Authenticity empowers us and creates space for others to do the same… inspiring the kind of inclusion that moves everyone forward and builds enduring connections for individual and collective success.

    Our guest speaker, Jeanne Sparrow, will share her expertise on the impactful role of women who advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the finance industry. Explore the stories of trailblazing women who have championed these values, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable financial landscape. Gain valuable insights into the importance of diversity in shaping the future of finance and discover how advocacy can drive positive change. 

    Don't miss this opportunity to network with and be inspired by the voices shaping a more inclusive financial world.

    The registration is being managed through FEI. CFE members are FREE of Charge with the discount code: chiguest This code is for CFE members only!

    Register Here: Women's History Month Event

Past events

02/13/2024 Networking Event at Dominican University
02/12/2024 Downtown Book Club
01/31/2024 West Suburban Book Club
01/18/2024 Annual Meeting & Winter Social
12/11/2023 Downtown Book Club
12/10/2023 Holiday Brunch
11/27/2023 Giving Back Exchange: New Moms Operation Santa
11/16/2023 YWCA Leader Luncheon
10/26/2023 Dinner Program with Guest Speaker Retired U.S. Air Force Major General Jeannie M. Leavitt
10/24/2023 Downtown Book Club
10/19/2023 Joffrey Ballet Women's Night
10/05/2023 Demystifying Data and Analytics
09/28/2023 Maria Pinto Studio Private Shopping Event
09/14/2023 Downtown Book Club
09/10/2023 Summer Brunch
08/31/2023 West Suburban Book Club
08/22/2023 Neighborhood Dinners Encore
08/18/2023 Ravinia Festival Outing: Jethro Tull
08/01/2023 Downtown Book Club
07/27/2023 Summer Social
06/22/2023 Mid-Year Economic Update
06/15/2023 Downtown Book Club
06/08/2023 Neighborhood Dinners
05/11/2023 Annual Civic Luncheon w/Peyton Manning
04/27/2023 Joffrey Ballet Women's Night
04/26/2023 West Suburban Book Club
04/25/2023 Downtown Book Club
04/06/2023 Bubbles-n-Bites at Maria Pinto's M2057 Studio
03/28/2023 Dinner Program featuring Ilene Gordon & Bram Bluestein
03/14/2023 West Suburban Book Club
03/02/2023 Downtown Book Club
02/23/2023 Joffrey Ballet Women's Night
02/01/2023 West Suburban Book Club
01/19/2023 Winter Social & Annual Meeting
01/11/2023 Downtown Book Club
12/11/2022 Holiday Brunch
12/06/2022 Corporate Board Chat
11/23/2022 Giving Back Exchange: New Moms Operation Santa
11/17/2022 Dinner Program featuring Maria Tabrizi and Amy Fahey, First Women's Bank
11/01/2022 Downtown Book Club
10/13/2022 Restore Your Health Reserves, Rejuvenate Your Life & Career
10/04/2022 Networking Event at Dominican University
09/29/2022 West Suburban Book Club
09/29/2022 Corporate Board Chat
09/20/2022 Downtown Book Club
09/13/2022 Conversation Circle - Executive Coaching
08/21/2022 Summer Brunch
08/16/2022 Ravinia Festival Outing: Gipsy Kings featuring Nicolas Reyes
08/10/2022 How to Lead in a Hybrid Environment
08/03/2022 Financial Strategies to Support your Brilliant Life
07/28/2022 Summer Social
07/28/2022 Head Shot Photo Session at Summer Social
07/19/2022 Corporate Board Chat
07/12/2022 Downtown Book Club
06/07/2022 Neighborhood Dinners
05/26/2022 Dinner Program with Guest Lori Goltermann
05/19/2022 The Post-COVID Office Takes Shape
05/17/2022 The New Frontier of Digital Assets - Part II
05/12/2022 Member Engagement Conversation Circle
05/05/2022 Geopolitical Trends & Issues
04/26/2022 Downtown Book Club
04/21/2022 Bubbles-n-Bites at Maria Pinto's M2057 Studio
04/20/2022 Becoming an Empowered Label Reader
03/30/2022 The New Frontier of Digital Assets
03/29/2022 West Suburban Book Club
03/24/2022 Corporate Board Chat
03/17/2022 Encore Presentation: Seize the Moment (because it's finally here)
03/17/2022 Lunch-n-Learn: Seize the Moment (because it's finally here)
03/03/2022 Downtown Book Club
02/25/2022 Capital Markets Economic Update
02/24/2022 West Suburban Book Club
02/10/2022 Winter Social & Annual Meeting
02/07/2022 Conversation Circle - How the Cannabis Industry is Evolving
02/05/2022 Ladder Up Tax Volunteer Day
01/27/2022 Ladder Up Training for CFE
01/20/2022 Downtown Book Club
12/12/2021 Virtual Holiday Brunch
12/12/2021 Holiday Brunch
12/01/2021 West Suburban Book Club
11/18/2021 November Dinner Event
11/16/2021 Downtown Book Club
11/16/2021 Philanthropy Partner Panel: Lunch-n-Learn
11/09/2021 The Likability Dilemma
10/27/2021 Money, Power, and Purpose: Aligning your Finances with Your Future
10/12/2021 West Suburban Book Club
10/08/2021 Bright Endeavors Volunteer Event
09/29/2021 Downtown Book Club
09/23/2021 Dinner Program with Guest Speaker Linda Coberly
09/23/2021 Member Engagement Mini-Mixer
09/16/2021 Bubbles-n-Bites with Maria Pinto
08/30/2021 Yoga for CFE
08/19/2021 West Suburban Book Club
08/02/2021 Downtown Book Club
07/27/2021 Summer Social
07/11/2021 Summer Brunch
06/24/2021 Neighborhood Dinners
06/17/2021 Empathy in Leadership: Why it Matters
06/14/2021 Downtown Book Club
06/10/2021 West Suburban Book Club
06/02/2021 Lunch-n-Learn with Dr. Maria Carrillo, Alzheimer's Association
05/19/2021 A Survivors Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions
05/13/2021 May Dinner Program: Guest Speaker Dr. Vicki Medvec
04/29/2021 Pizza Party with Steve Dolinsky
04/22/2021 West Suburban Book Club
04/14/2021 Flowers for Dreams: Floral Arranging Workshop
04/07/2021 Downtown Book Club
03/18/2021 Spring Break Happy Hour
03/09/2021 Leadership & Culture with Frances Frei: An L&PD Exchange Event
02/25/2021 How Private Company Investors Leverage Networks and Operating Talent to Drive Exponential Growth
02/18/2021 Downtown Book Club
02/17/2021 Leadership & Professional Development Exchange TED Talk Roundtable
02/11/2021 West Suburban Book Club
01/27/2021 Annual Market Outlook: In Transition - Opportunities Emerge from the Disruption
01/21/2021 Annual Meeting & Winter Social
01/14/2021 Downtown Book Club
12/13/2020 Holiday Brunch
12/10/2020 West Suburban Book Club
12/09/2020 Château de Pommard Wine Tasting
11/19/2020 Downtown Book Club
11/18/2020 Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn
11/12/2020 November Program with Guest Speaker Lt. General Nina Armagno
11/05/2020 Leading and Managing Remotely: A Best Practices Exchange
10/29/2020 West Suburban Book Club
10/28/2020 Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn
10/15/2020 Live Virtual Cooking Experience with Truffle Shuffle
10/01/2020 Downtown Book Club
09/23/2020 Creating a Paycheck in Retirement
09/17/2020 September Program with Guest Speaker Julie Howard
09/10/2020 An Evening with Maria Pinto
08/26/2020 West Suburban Book Club
08/18/2020 Summer Social at the Chicago Yacht Club
07/27/2020 Downtown Book Club
07/15/2020 Your “Personal Marketing Plan” for Long Term Career Success
07/08/2020 The Rise of Cryptocurrency
06/30/2020 Virtual Neighborhood Dinners
06/25/2020 West Suburban Book Club
06/11/2020 Downtown Book Club
06/03/2020 Sensory Wine Tasting Experience with Master Sommelier Alpana Singh
05/27/2020 Aging Care: A Member-to-Member Roundtable Discussion
05/20/2020 Wealth Management for Women: Key Concepts to Consider
05/13/2020 Downtown Book Club
05/07/2020 Wine & Wills Virtual Event
05/04/2020 Take Care of Your Heart Virtual Program
04/29/2020 West Suburban Book Club Event
04/24/2020 Economic and Market Outlook Update
04/23/2020 Women Owned Businesses: The Financing Dilemma Key Points
04/15/2020 Downtown Book Club Event
03/13/2020 CFO Placement Statistics and Fundamentals
02/26/2020 West Suburban Book Club Event
02/22/2020 Ladder Up Volunteer Day
02/12/2020 Downtown Book Club Event
01/29/2020 2020 Capital Markets Update - Breakfast
01/28/2020 The Next Ten Years Part II - A Transitions Exchange Conversation
01/22/2020 Andy Warhol Lecture and Exhibit
01/16/2020 2020 Winter Social & Annual Meeting
01/16/2020 Ladder Up Training for CFE
12/18/2019 West Suburban Book Club: Holiday Sparkling Pairing Dinner
12/15/2019 Annual Holiday Brunch
12/10/2019 Downtown Book Club Event
11/14/2019 November Dinner Program
10/29/2019 The Next Ten Years - A Transitions Exchange Conversation
10/11/2019 Bright Endeavors Volunteer Event
10/10/2019 Crash Course in Crisis and Conflict Communication for Business Leaders – High Stress Negotiation
09/25/2019 West Suburban Book Club
09/25/2019 Drinks with CFE Leadership
09/16/2019 2019 September Dinner Program

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